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*In order to qualify for a loan you will be subject to the following minimum credit requirements for final approval: You must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid drivers license, with a job that pays at least $2,000 a month before taxes and have one pay stub to prove it. An equity investment might be required. You will certify that all the information you provide on your application will be true and correct. We assume no responsibility for incorrect information provided by the various credit reporting agencies. Any bankruptcy must be discharged before the funding transaction can take place. If you meet all the criteria provided above you could be provided with a pre-approval for up to $39,000 depending on vehicle chosen, at an interest rate to be decided by the lender on approved credit. See dealer for additional details. All dealer promotions and incentives are strictly the responsibility of the dealer and are not in any way connected to the marketing offers from Canada Credit Financial.