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Approved Auto Financing Online in a Minute? Is it Really That Easy?

Though you may think it looks too good to be true, it’s not! Learn more about what our bad credit car loan applications look like, what information they require, and how you can take less than a minute to apply for fast approval no matter what your credit looks like. We’re an inclusive lender focused on providing people with the vehicles they need to succeed and survive. That means we don’t waste your time with a bunch of unnecessary red tape.

How Our Application is Different

Loan applications through big banks and other traditional lenders are usually a lot less results-oriented than ours. They’re more concerned with pulling your credit report and digging around in all the skeletons in your financial closet. If you don’t have a good or bad credit report to speak of or are self-employed, you won’t get far. Plus, if your credit score isn’t above 650, they may not bother to look at any other details. It’s not very fair.

Luckily, we aren’t so concerned with that. We want to know what you’re looking for and, as long as you satisfy our minimum approval requirements, (including age and monthly income) you can feel confident that you’ll get a good result from us. We’re committed to providing more personal, people-friendly service than big banks and lenders who are just in it for the bottom line. People with no credit, unusual employment situations, less-than-perfect credit or an inapplicable credit history developed in a different country still need cars. Our application is designed to recognize that.

What You Need for Our 60-Second Credit Application

We do need some basic information from you before we can get started finding you the right lending situation. You’ll notice that our 60-second credit application has a series of boxes, checkboxes and dropdown menus. Most of them have a star or asterisk next to the question. This indicates that these are questions you must answer to be able to submit the form. Don’t try to skip questions and don’t provide false information just to get through the application (we’ll talk about this more below). Other than that, it’s simple.

Here’s what we need to know about you:

  • Your first and last name (don’t use nicknames just yet)

  • Your age (our application has a minimum age of 18)

  • The vehicle you would like to drive (be specific and detailed)

  • The monthly payment you could afford (check a box that includes your possible price range)

  • Your monthly income (we need to know whether you receive more than $1,500 per month)

  • Your email address and telephone number (this lets us get in touch with you to let you know how your application is progressing and to chat further about what you need).

Some more information about a few of these questions: As for the vehicle you’d like to drive, you have the ability to specify the vehicle type (truck, van, sedan, sports car, etc.), make (Ford, Toyota, etc.), model (F-150, Corolla, etc.) and year. We specialize in pre-owned vehicles, which also happen to generally be more affordable so don’t select the current model year unless you have a really generous budget.

Additionally, you can check “I don’t know” for the monthly budget question. If you really aren’t sure what your options might be and you want to wait to set your budget, that’s OK. It does help for you to know up front, though.

Before You Click “Submit”

So, it’s taken you a minute or less to fill our quick car loan application online, and that’s great! Convenience is such a wonderful thing. You’re about to be on your way to a new (or new-to-you) vehicle. However, you don’t want to rush this application. It doesn’t take long to complete, but you should approach it when you’re ready. That means two things: Knowing that all the information you’ve provided is correct and knowing that the decisions you’ve made are realistic for you.

Why does this matter? Well, if you provide incorrect information on your application, it can hurt you in more ways than one. All of the required information you fill out in the form needs to be accurate, especially when it comes to legal requirements like age. If you aren’t 18 years old yet, hold on for just a few more years and come back to us then. We can’t lend to you if you aren’t 18 or older and misrepresenting yourself on your application can have potentially serious consequences.

It’s also important that you input the proper financial and vehicle information into your application so we can find the right lending situation for you. Your monthly budget and income information should be as exact as possible, not just a guess. If you need to take some time to do some math before you send in your auto loan application, go ahead and do it. The application is so short that it gives you some room to take this precaution without wasting your time!

Finally, it’s important for you to know you’ve made realistic decisions because this financing opportunity is ideal for credit repair or building credit. Whether you’re self-employed, new to Canada, new to the credit system or suffering from less-than-perfect credit, the last thing you want to do is set yourself back by asking for a more expensive loan than you can afford. When asked what monthly payment you could afford, you should consider this in the most realistic, frugal terms possible. What would you be able to afford if you lost your job? If another source of income suddenly dried up? What is the realistic monthly payment you can make while still paying all your other bills and other necessary expenses with something, even just a few dollars, left over to put into savings? Think about this carefully so you can set yourself up for success.

Taking the time to consider these factors won’t make your approval process for an auto loan take that much longer. In fact, if you’ve already considered all these things before deciding to apply, your application could be done in much less than a minute. Double check your responses to all the questions outlined above before sending it in, then click “submit” and we’ll be in touch. It’s that easy!


Canada Credit Financial’s blog is a free resource for credit challenge customers who have the desire to improve their lives by acquiring the knowledge required to increase their credit score. Our team understands that even good people are often forced to go through tough times. A divorce, a loss of income, an illness, or other similar circumstances out of your control might have put a toll on your credit history and your financial life. We want to help by giving you access to quality content that will provide you with the know-how, the tools, and the strategies to get back on your feet and enjoy the freedom of a healthy credit score.

Our writers specialise in automotive financing. To our knowledge, the purchase of the right vehicle, at the right price, financed from the right lender, at the right interest rate provides one of the fastest and most robust ways to rebuild your credit history. It’s impossible to erase bad credit, but rebuilding a solid and diligent payment history through a vehicle financing is a great way to separate yourself from your past credit bumps to enjoy a better future.

You can also use the information to protect your current credit, avoid pitfalls, and educate your children so they are prepared to enter the world equipped with the knowledge that will give them an edge and will allow them to fulfil all their dreams.

Credit is a great tool if used properly. At Canada Credit Financial, we want you to control your credit; we don’t want credit to control you.

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